Croatian for foreigners

Are you from a foreign country residing in Croatia? EdukaCentar invites You to enroll in the Croatian for Foreigners study programme. Learn Croatian easily with our team of trained professionals! We will help you learn communication basics, and you will get acquainted with Croatian culture and customs. 


Enter an individual course or join our study groups and have fun!

In small groups you will be able to solve all of the difficult structures of Croatian language and grammar without too much trouble. Interesting topics, sistematic approach to language and relaxed atmosphere are a certain combination during Croatian lessons.

One of the most important things when you move to anothercountry, is integration! Step number one to achieve it, is learning thelanguage!

LearningCroatian language opens the door to Croatian culture and the contact with thelocals! Step by step you will learn the basics of Croatian language with theprofessional and dedicated help of the teachers at EdukaCentar, and thefurther you get involved with the Croatian language, the more you will discover its hidden secrets. It's not always easyto master this slavic language but with the professional and dedicated help ofour teachers you will manage to learn more about this new country, mentality ofpeople and also to understand their sense of humor. It will bring you closer tothe depth of its culture and history.

Beginning of lectures:

  • enrollment is open.

Don't wait around, come and join us! For further information call us at: 021/485-695.

We are looking forward to meeting You! 

Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people! 

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